Dr. Mirgissa Kaba

Mirgissa Kaba, PhD, is an enthusiastic professional who has competencies that bridged the gap between social and public health sciences during his close to 30 years of teaching, research and program management and leadership career. After his initial training in Sociology, he started his career as teaching and research staff of the current Jimma University as a graduate assistant in 1988. He served the university with a teaching, research, program coordinator and Director Positions. He resigned from the university in 2000.

Mirgissa has made over 50 scientific contributions in reputable journals in specific areas of indigenous medicine, HIV and AIDS, Non-Communicable Disease (particularly Cervical Cancer), maternal health, urban health etc. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Public Health with a focus on Cultural epidemiology at the School of Public Health with proactive role in the areas of Social and Behavioural Health Communication. In addition, Mirgissa is an Editor In Chief of the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, a pioneer peer reviewed scientific journal in Ethiopia

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