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Yes, the forum will be held in Amharic with simultaneous translation to English.

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the forum cannot physically gather participants. Thus, it is going to be held on different online platforms such as Zoom and live stream on face book and YouTube.

Before the day of the Forum, polls and surveys will be distributed on the NAYHF website. You can contribute your input through filling the surveys and voting on polls. To participate on the Forum, you can register on the registration page of this website, and a link to the virtual forum will be sent to you.

Participants of the AYHF will include high-level Government representatives, including High-level officials from Ministry of Women, Children and Youth, Health, Labour and Social Affairs, Education, innovation and technology, young leaders, national and international CSOs, faith based organizations, universities, and representatives of regional and other multilateral organizations representatives of youth-led and youth focused institutions, representatives of development partners, bilateral, multilateral organizations and the private sector.

The Forum is open for all Ethiopian Young People despite their location.

If your question was not answered and wanted to reach out, use the following contact details

No, attendance on the Forum is free of charge.