Mrs. Hargewoein Tadesse

Haregewoin Tadesse is a senior technical Advisor on Adolescent and Youth Healthfor the Federal Ministry of Health since July, 2019.  She has over 22 years of experience in different international organizations like UN, WFP, European Union, Save the Children Norway-Ethiopia and Israel Embassy. She is a sociologist with extensive experience in women’s, children, adolescent and youth health issues as technical advisor, trainer, project manager, project coordinator, consultant and operational manager. She has published a research under the title “Child Labor Exploitation, Prevalence of low back pain and associated factors among young workers in traditional weaving of the informal sectors, Central and Southern Ethiopia”. ISSN: 1745-0128 (print) 1745-0136 (online) journal homepage:  togthor with Yifoker T., Ansh N., Yemataw W., Tesfahun M., Hiruy w., Manay K., Haregewoin T., & Hardeep R.

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