Organizers Studionet October 3, 2022

Organization of the forum

The Ethiopian Youth Health Forum (EYHF) is managed by the Ministry of Health with the technical coordination of the National Adolescent and Youth Health Technical Working Group which is hosted by the Maternal and Child Health directorate of the Ministry. This technical working group, which constitutes donors, partners and youth organizations working on the area, set annual theme and focus areas of the forum, presents to the Ministry for endorsement and action.

The organizing committee and sub-committee further facilitate the technical issues of the forum with the support and guidance of the technical working group and the Ministry. Youth engagement is the key pillar of the forum and hence, the forum puts the young people at the driving seat so that they inform and shape all stages of the forum through youth perspective.

Expected Outcomes This process is envisaged to achieve the following: right customers premium customers superior customers

is established drawn from MOH Technical Working Group to oversee and guide the preparation of the forum. It was led by a coordinating group composed of MOH Adolescent and Youth Health Case Team Coordinator Dr Eden Fesseha as a chairperson, Ephrem Berhanu, Managing Director of Talent Youth Association as a co-chair. The FOC is responsible for the overall organization of the forum, decides on the theme of the forum, steers its strategic direction, and approve the forum program. The FOC is responsible to organize sub committees that will report directly to it. The sub committee will be tasked to take care of specific activities.

The FOC might can have different working groups or it can assign tasks to the group members for better and ease of coordination this includes, communication, resource mobilization and scientific formed under the committee.

Each sub committee has members drawn from the organizing committee which is mandated to oversee specific activities at it relates to the sub committee working domains.

Purpose Of The Committee right customers premium customers superior customers

Lead and guide EYHF planning, design and implementation. Specifically, the committee is expected to:

  • Plan, support and EYHF 2020, in collaboration with the partners and key stakeholders.
  • Support the pertinent sub-committees in the planning, formulation and coordination of there activities related to EYHF 2020.
  • Identify youth leaders to participate in sessions and plenaries.
  • Encourage and support submission of high-quality workshops, sessions from local youth organizations and/or young leaders and champions in Ethiopia.
  • Advising on research priorities to highlight at the forum.
  • Responsible for resource mobilization to the success of the EYHF 2020
  • Oversee overall EYHF 2020 related communication activities and plans
Expected Outcomes This process is envisaged to achieve the following: right customers premium customers superior customers

• Established platform for networking amongst practitioners, professionals and experts who are working in the field of adolescents and youth health;
• Enhanced engagement with governments, to support and implement the commitments made for achieving the Adolescent and Youth Health (AYH) strategy and other sectoral goals;
• Increased participation and contribution of youth in the implementation process of the AYH strategy;
• Strengthened a nation-wide network of youth organizations involved in advocating and tracking the implementation of AYH strategy;
• Secure renewed commitment from key government offices and donor partners about accelerated delivery on adolescent and youth health.
• The outcome of the Forum will be a summary document capturing key outcomes of the discussions and findings of the Forum will be widely disseminated.


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